I went to the screening of Best Picture winner CODA and met Madeleine Humphries. She was there with an actor friend of hers and I was there with my brother. She saw us walking in the reception and reached out to us and we struck up a conversation. I talked with her actor friend more than I talked to her, but I managed to show her the La La Land scene I did earlier and that piqued her interest. We met up a couple more times to talk about potential scenes to do and then…2 months later we put this out. Talk about fate!

Hope you enjoy this recreation of a scene from the iconic movie ‘Before Sunrise’.

Our recreation
The original

La La Land – Scene Recreation


I remember loving this scene from the first moment I saw it in a theater. I also knew I would never get a chance to perform the lines because…I’m a guy. So we shot it both ways, because ultimately I believe that this scene isn’t really between a man and a woman, but between an actor and a musician. Between two people whose relationship allows them to be vulnerable to one another while also being brutally honest in support of one another.

The ‘original recreation’, starring Sharayu Mahale as Mia and me as Sebastian.
The swapped version, with me as Mia.

The original by my actress crush herself

Weekly Monologue – “The Best Part of My Day”


This is a scene from one of my favorite movies, Good Will Hunting. I’m working on a couple scenes from this movie, because each one of them feels like an older version of myself speaking to a younger version of myself.

In this scene, Will’s friend Chuckie lets Will know that he’s wasting his potential by staying at home.

And here’s the original: