Hello. I’m Anand. It’s pronounced ahn-undh if you want to be truly authentic, but you can slide by with ‘on-in’ if you’re feeling lazy. Last name’s Mahalingam, which is not that hard to pronounce when you actually just read the name. Muh-haul-ing-um.

I am a stand-up comedian, actor, and video editor. Sometimes the order of those are switched depending on the mood I’m in, but those are the three things you’ll see me doing the most of. I’ve lived in LA for almost 8 years and I’m a real nerd for the history of this crazy town. My favorite thing to do is getting people to laugh. (This is starting to feel like a dating app profile.)

I’ve edited videos that have generated over 10 million views across social media platforms. (Oh, it’s back to being a website bio now).

I’ve performed at the Comedy Store in LA as well as featuring and headlining in cities like San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Washington D.C.

I just had my first speaking role (literally one line) on How I Met Your Father on Hulu and will be on 3 more episodes of a brand new TV show titled ‘While You Were Breeding’ on Freeform. In the meantime I re-work famous movie and TV scenes to act in as practice for my editing, directing, and acting skills.

Wannabe podcaster but don’t want to fall prey to the ‘just a guy who talks to his friends’ movement that’s happening in podcasting right now.

This website seems like it’s always a work in progress but take a look around and let me know if you’re picking up what I’m putting down.

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